28 January, 2015

soft canvases

Most people would think of quilts as being cuddly bedcovers to snuggle up with.  Not so.  They come in all forms now from soft furnishings and clothes to art pieces.   Our local museum has commissioned and hung a large artwork made by one of our local guild members in their entry foyer .

I have dabbled  and tried out various things in different styles.  Here is a wee selection of my wallhangings.

This is my current favourite.  It uses raw edge applique, chenille, and beading.  The message says "She heard the whisper over and over again - breath in, breath out".  It won 2nd place at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Hamilton 2014 - "My to relax".

What you can't see is the birds,  yachts and woodgrain quilted into the background ... and the glass of white wine in my hand!  The sea is made with shantung, feet with fossil fern and batik fabric.  The white surf is beading.

This is a wall hanging made in only two fabrics: a purple marbled batik and a peacock print.  Clusters of beading embellishment wander across the panels.
It hangs in three separate panels which are joined at the top.

I really like the asymmetric shape and the curves.

This is an abstract design quilt attached to a canvas frame, with piecing, chiffon inserts, yarn, ribbon and beading.  It was lots of fun to make.

The Angel of Virtue is a stitchery quilt done in blue floss thread - a
modern design in a traditional style. 

Stitchery is quite relaxing technique and is easily carried around.

This is another raw edge applique piece mounted on a canvas frame. For this one I tried out a printing technique using tissue paper on the computer to do the lining of the shoe (with words relating to shoes) and the message: "every time she put on her red high heels she felt like dancing".  It was also for the challenge "My favourite....ever shoes " at the Craft & Quilt Fair held in Hamilton 2015.  It is interesting that I had these shoes in the early '90's and my kids still remember them too!

I hope you look out for other ways quilting can be used, such as clothing, bags, home furnishings, and ornamental items such as bowls, vases and constructions, and probably many more I haven't discovered yet!