28 February, 2015

slider card

Easy Slider Card
The finished card was shown to me by Trish at Hastings Rubber Stamps, Hastings, NZ. January 2014

Decide how big you want your card to be.  I made it to be the same size as a C6 when it was folded and assembled.

Outer Tube: Cut your card double the size you want to end up with, plus a bit to overlap.  Score & make into a tube, ensuring the overlap flap is hidden inside the tube.

Pull insert: this needs to be slightly smaller all round than the outer so that it fits inside and pulls easily.  Cut a sturdy layer of card, decorate if wanted.

Assembly:  put the insert into the tube and punch a hole through all layers at one end, in the centre of the end.  Take insert out and reverse it into the tube, lining up the holes.  Put a long piece of ribbon (about 3 x length of tube) through both tube and insert. Pulling  the ends up to the other end of the insert.

At this stage decide if you want to punch another hole or just tie the ribbon around the end of the insert.  (I glued it at the end so it stayed tied).  Then push the insert into the tube, in, out, in, out....

  Decorate however you want.  Decorate front of insert with sentiment or whatever you want, remembering it needs to be quite flat to slide properly. Leave a space on the back of insert for writing a greeting or message.


The insert is pulled in and out using the bow.
Have fun.