07 August, 2022

iSpy #81

 iSpy #81

 Each week, Lysha puts up a photographic challenge with prompts for us to look out for, then we share on Lysha's Saturday (my Sunday). Get inspired!   I am a bit behind, but catching up...

This weeks prompts are: Heat, design, Starts with K, Beside, your choice.

Heat:  well, this was tricky as we are in winter while all you northerners are enjoying heatwaves, but yesterday I did have a nice hot pot of soup for lunch when the stitching girls came yesterday.

Design:  in the house move I re-discovered this wonderful cushion cover with lots of different designs on it.  I had bought in Hong Kong years ago, and it goes beautifully on the teal sofa and makes me happy to see it.

Starts with K: it's got to be knitting at the moment, a great winter occupation.

Beside:  I just bought another cyclamen to go beside the one I already had that was a bit lonely.  Actually I had these two gorgeous pots and just had to use them.

Your choice: wildflowers in the paddock.  I thinks it's yarrow.

Check out what else is on the challenge, here: ispy-78-82


Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Lovely photos, the soup looks yummy, your cushion so vibrant and happy and your knitting WOW! The cyclamen are happy in their beautiful pots and the flower certainly looks like yarrow. Thanks for sharing these.
Faith x

crafty-stamper said...

Great pics Carol love the beautiful cushion cover and knitting
Carol x

Janette said...

That soup look delish Carol, your knitting is beautiful and the cushion cover would cheer anyone up no end, and I love to see wild flowers in the pasture, lovely free gifts aren't they, your plants and lovely pots are a joy.xx

Lysha said...

What a beautiful pillow!

Joanne said...

You have such a lovely pillow and your flowers are so pretty in those beautiful pots.