10 August, 2022

iSpy #82

 iSpy #82

Each week, Lysha puts up a photographic challenge with prompts for us to look out for, then we share on Lysha's Saturday (my Sunday). Get inspired!   

This week's prompts are:  Feature, On your plate, Forecast, Future, Choose anything monthly.

Feature:  we had this little spot at our new house that just needed a water feature.  I had been looking for a while waiting for the right one, and I happened to visit a garden centre on the other side of town and found just what we wanted.   And guess what?  they had everything marked down 40% that day!  I like that we see it from inside the house too.  So the garden is all planted and ready to grow.  In a years time it will look fantastic.

On your plate:  Strictly not on your plate but in a box - a bento box - YUM.

Forecast:  one day this week we had this lovely dawn, and a few lovely sunny days to enjoy.

Future:   a future vegetable garden in the process of being made.   A little garden compared to the large one we had at the other house.  We are trying the no-dig system which has specified layers. A newspaper layer,  scraps and garden waste, manure straw, newspaper, compost straw/leaves, garden mix - then when we are ready to plant in spring we will put on the straw with pockets of compost/garden mix for the plants.  You won't recognise it in six months time!

The plant in the tub is a thornless blackberry.

Choose anything monthly: our street

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crafty-stamper said...

Love the pics and your water feature-seems like you are all planned for next years growing season.
Carol x

Janette said...

Your so organised Carol, everything all ready for next year, amazing, love the water feature and your street looks nice, that food looks tasty, although I have no idea what a bento box is !! another great post and I have to say that sky picture is stunning.
I hope your settling into your new home and loving it.xx

creationsnz said...

HI girls.

No, this years planting - you have to remember spring is September here! CarolG

Kym said...

Love these pictures! The water feature is pretty, and especially nice that you got a good deal. Looking forward to seeing what your new garden produces!

Lysha said...

Love the water feature! And that sky is gorgeous. Wowzas