Friday, 17 May 2013

Wonderful workspaces

One of the great things about building is being able to design around your needs (or is that wants?), and I was lucky to be able to do that.  Since we moved to our new house I have been asked "are you organised yet", and "how are you going to fit it all in" (some people have actually seen my stash!).  Weeeell finally ... dahdahdah DAH ...  here it is.  The space is arranged in a "U".  All the shelving was built by my husband Ian from MDF (isn't he a sweetie?) with the shelves totally adjustable. 

This photo shows the left hand side of the space with papers, inks, dies, punches, and stuff like that.  You can just see my little desk in the right hand corner.
It is easy to keep it reasonably tidy when it's well organised and has good storage.  I have a dinky labeller so everything is easy to find.  I haven't gone out and bought anything specially, but have gradually collected the containers over time as I could afford it.  Some of them are re-purposed, the wooden boxes had gifts of fancy vinegars & dressings in, and some are old icecream containers.
In case you're concerned that I'm a bit OCD, this photo is of my desk.  Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to keep stuff off it!  ... AND I'm sure everything on it breeds like rabbits when I'm not looking...    The pink box on the left is a tool box with compartments for scissors, craft knives staplers etc; next to that is a little drawer set for d/s tapes, foam pads, and leftover scraps of ribbon; then the  pen container and the wooden box with stamping stuff like acrylic blocks for clearstamps; then a mug of paintbrushes etc. 
I must confess I get in a real messy state when I'm working on something, and I really don't care about that!  I find I sometimes I go from one thing to another to another to another when I'm on a roll or get inspired.  What a mess! 
The window faces south so the light is even all day (that's northern light to those of you in the northern hemisphere), and there is a corkboard with bits and pieces for inspiration and testing. 
 Then to the right of my desk is....

more shelving with cards and envelopes; ribbons and boxes with bling, glitter, sequins, spraymisters, decorative scissors.  The shelves on the far right have my collection of stamps.  Just in front of those shelves is small salvaged table on castors that I have my rotary cutter, scoreboard and cricut machine on.  Just to the right of this is the home office cupboard with the computer, so it will be really easy to hook up to.   It's a great space to work in and I know I'm very lucky to have it (it's right next to the laundry too so very easy to get water or wash out paints etc).

Next door is my quiltroom which is the nearly the size of a single garage - even so, you can see it is a bit of a squash to get around the longarm quilting machine to sit at the sewing machine.  We put shelving in an ikea wardrobe, which holds the patterns, threads, batting etc. 

I do feel really lucky, and would wish everyone could have magic spaces like these.   Of course, now I have to do the work!   What a pleasure!  but ... now you know why I can't stop making cards ....


Janet Baldwin said...

Wow! What a wonderful workspace. Now you have got me wanting to reorganise (again!).

Anonymous said...

I remember working in here!!!