28 January, 2014

NOT cards - January 2014

Anything but cards ...  albums, boxes and other stuff ...

Once in a while the other stuff shouts to be heard and even though it often uses the same materials as cards do, the result and the process may be quite different.

An album comes in many forms, from large to small, complex to simple. 
I have done a wedding album and didn't enjoy it very much, however I love the little accordion albums - they are my favourites!

This simple one was so I could focus on some positive things for the year, lots of goals, inspirational thoughts and reminders of the good life, after a stressful time...

... and this one, which is similar, has pockets along the bottom, to put samples in.  This is from a techniques class and each technique has been done on an ATC sized card for easy reference.  Each card has a description on the back describing the process.

Tags are another way of storing information and techniques or just for encouraging messages.  This is one I did for my daughter when she was struggling with the direction of her life.  Each side has an inspiring saying and are very tactile. I used lots of interesting textures such as handmade paper, vellum and tissue.

Jewellery box for men:
This is a balsa-wood box (very cheap at a discount store) which I covered with tissue (so it wrinkled) then painted with acrylic paint.  It looks like leather.  I added old poster clip art, diecut cogs, stamped slogans, gold leaf paper, and stick on brads.  Very manly I think, and my husband loves it.  Great for cuff links etc.  It is only 4" x 3", and came with that gorgeous clasp.

Boxes, both hard and soft always generate interest when containing gifts. I made a bunch of these at Christmas for giving cookies away.  Everyone loves a box with something in it. I could've just put the cookies in cellophane bags .. but hey, half the fun is not knowing what is inside!  I colour-coded the boxes so I knew what kind of cookies each box contained- everyone has their favourite cookie.

I used the Gift Box Punch Board to make the boxes.  The belly-band is Martha Stewart punch.

Another thing for a cute teeny gift are these TicTac wraps.  Sometimes I use the white mints and give them (especially to men) away at Christmas with the snowman poop poem on the inside. 
This one has Elfin poop with the fruity TicTacs.  I write the persons name on the front.
Rosette is Tim Holst diecut.
Pattern for wrap and poem from the internet.

Making things that aren't cards is a lot of fun and certainly extends that creative mind.  Have a go if you haven't already, I guarantee you won't stop at one!  Happy creating.

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