31 October, 2017

Challenge Quilt 2017

Finished in August 2017 for the NZ Quilt and Craft Fair September 2017, Page 33 Challenge.
It was called a Page 33 challenge which means entrants were given page 33 from random magazines to use as inspiration for their quilt.  Some people got fashion pages, car pages, gardening pages, and I got a house page.  The geometric shapes, strong perspective and soft colours were what inspired me.

Apart from having a connection to the inspiration page, the quilt had to fit within a 0.5 metre square, have three layers and obvious quilting elements.  We could use anything on that page for inspiration (e.g. words, colours, shapes etc).

I used several techniques: raw edge applique, piecing, 3D panel, and common quilt blocks.  Beaded embellishments represent the chandelier and the flowers on the table. I moved the furniture around a bit.

It got first prize.  I was overseas at the time and didn't know it had won.


Glennis F said...

Congratulations - it is a beautiful piece

Heather "Hev" said...

This is wonderful Carol :)

I have answered your query on Incy Wincy challenge. Feel free to email us :)

Borqna said...

Good luck!

Bunny said...

Congratulations. Great little piece. I quilted in the past and know how much work went into this. [Bunny]

Dawn T said...

Congratulations Carol. It is a stunning piece and well deserving of the winner's spot!

kiwimeskreations said...

What a wonderful wee piece of quilting, and worthy of such recognition!