24 April, 2021

iSpy #16

 iSpy #16   - April 2021

This week's prompts are:  Kitchen sink, Flower, Up, Mixed, Own choice.

KITCHEN SINK:   My first thought for this one was - what the?  Then it resolved itself naturally when I was making spagbol for dinner one night and had brought in stuff from the garden, dumped it in the sink to wash and put it up to drain - and had an AHA! "the kitchen sink" moment.

FLOWER: This was easy, I'm always taking flower pics.  This is a wood anemone growing in the wild part of the garden.  I love the light on this - late afternoon.  Click on to enlarge and see the velvety texture of the petals.

UP:  the mini chandelier in our nook.  I picked this up somewhere ages ago and have taken it with us whenever we moved house.  This little light fixture gives me a smile every time I walk past - so wacky and cheerful and FUN.

MIXED:  This is my fabric scrap bin.  This is the one my grandkids are allowed to raid, and sometimes even my friends who want a little bit of this or that to finish a project.

OWN CHOICE:  It has been a busy week - I have been away with my quilty friends at the beach for a few days stitching.  This is Kawhia upper harbour just after sunrise on Thursday morning from the deck.  It is so nice sitting out there with your first morning cuppa... well, any time of day actually.

Week ending 24 April 2021

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Joanne said...

That flower photo is just beautiful! What a lovely oceanside photo as well.

kiwimeskreations said...

Loving your harbour sunrise Carol - that is amazing. I had a four day weekend at Raglan last weekend.
Your take on the kitchen sink is fabulous
Stay safe

Bunny said...

This is the second time today I've had to go to Google to look something up. First was a Ragdoll kitten and now Spabol. Oh the things we learn.

Love your pictures. I wish I could still quilt. I miss it. My shoulder does not miss it. [Bunny]

I want a taste of your Spagbol.

crafty-stamper said...

Well you certainly come into your own with this challenge Carol -your take on the prompts and your pics are brilliant!
Carol x

Natasha said...

I love that chandelier. It's soooo fun!!!

Ellibelle said...

These are so beautiful, Carol! I hate my kitchen sink photo but yours is so creative and a really nice shot. The chandelier is gorgeous and I too always take pictures of flowers, so that was definitely an easy one. I could have shared several of those!
Looks like a great quilting getaway!
Ellibelle's Corner

Lysha said...

Another great set of pics! Love how you made the best of 'kitchen sink.'