20 June, 2021

iSpy #24

 iSpy #24

The prompts this week were:  Advertising,  Delicious,  Animal,  Starts with 'V',  own choice.

ADVERTISING:  I sat down at our breakfast bar the other day with coffee and spied this stack of stuff on the end of the bench waiting to be sorted, including our local free paper.  I laughed out loud at how the exposed  bit of advertising read with the stuff on top of it!  I hope you do too.

DELICIOUS:  I had this dessert called Ambrosia while out with a friend ... delicious.  A toffee basket filled with yoghurt, cream, marshmallows, meringue and raspberries.  Are you drooling yet?

ANIMAL:  I took this while I was on a walk down our road yesterday.  One of our neighbours sheep; doesn't she look elegant?  She was staring off into space and just gracefully turned her head when I stepped up to the fence.  I think she looks like those old-fashioned drawings of sheep.

STARTS WITH 'V':  this is some of my VINTAGE linen.  We are clearing out for downsizing and I am finding it difficult to part with beautiful stuff like this.   It is all crinkly because you never store fine linens with starch in.

PHOTOGRAPHERS CHOICE:  As you know by now we are in the middle of winter.  We had a hail storm come through and it made a great pic with the way it made a halo just above the surface when I got down low, and also the reflections.  A very winter scene, but this is really as bad as it gets here.  We live in a temperate zone.

Another week - we are now halfway through the year!  

Thanks Lysha for the challenge.  See what Lysha and others are doing, here:  ispy-2021


Joanne said...

That dessert looks amazing! I love the reflections in your winter picture too.

crafty-stamper said...

Fabulous pics love the beautiful elegant sheep and there are a few people that advertising could relate too lol
Carol x

kiwimeskreations said...

Loving your photos Carol - the ambrosia looks delicious! Unfortunately the advertising photo doesn't show on my feed. The hail looks fascinating. I too would find it hard to part from such beautiful linens.
Stay safe

Janette said...

Another wonderful I spy post, I really love seeing these Carol, but I sort of feel sad for you to leave your wonderful home, and that lace would defo be coming with me.xx

Natasha said...

That dessert looks amazing, I love the picture of the sheep, and your winter picture is great -- although your definition of "winter" makes me laugh!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Stunning sheep photo, yes very vintage, I love sheep and cows, well I'm Welsh what do you expect? hahaha Gorgeous photos, and subjects Carol.
Faith x

Lysha said...

Your sheep picture is so beautifully framed! I love vintage stuff and find it really hard to part with "memory" type stuff.