22 November, 2021

iSpy #46

 iSpy #46   Lysha's photographic challenge

This week the 5 prompts were: House, Brown, Stitch, Architectural, your choice.

Nov. House:  the early summer shot of our house.  The flowering cherry in front is full of birds nesting.  We see them darting in with beaksful of food and coming out empty, but we can't actually spot any nests (even from upstairs), the foliage is so dense.  It keeps things cool in summer though.

Brown:  pinecones that sit in a flower pot outside the potting shed.  They are about 3 years old and have faded to lovely caramel shades.

Stitch:  A little stitchery project called "Gertrude the Gardening Angel".  She will be a panel on a tote bag.

Architectural:  This house is a replica of Katherine Mansfield's house and is part of the Katherine Mansfield Garden at our local Hamilton Gardens (traditional colonial architecture for NZ).  Hamilton Gardens is a collection of gardens that are world famous here.  They are in quite a small space but you can't see one garden from another, they have been so cleverly designed.  There are garden styles from all over the world (eg. Chinese, Indian, Italian, English, Tropical,  Japanese etc., as well as specialist gardens such as medicinal, potager, surrealist, Maori.

Own choice:  Sorry folks, it's more roses.  These are standard Iceberg underplanted with Lavender Grosso with Feijoa hedge in the background.  Of the twenty or so feijoa plants, there are 8 different varieties so we can have fruit over a longer time.  You may know feijoa as pineapple guava.  It is covered with flowers right now (promising a good fruiting); the flowers are red with golden stamens.  Maybe I'll do a photo for this coming week.

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Have a great week.


crafty-stamper said...

Beautiful choices Carol,you have a fabulous house and garden how are you going to bear to leave it although I can imagine it is a lot of work.I love your roses and all that lavender must look gorgeous and be buzzing with bees when in flower
Carol x

Janette said...

I agree with everything Carol has said, your home is stunning with so many added extras, how will you go on without it...I think this i-spy is wonderful, and I always like when you show flowers and fruits we never get here in the UK, you have an amazing country.xx

Joanne said...

Your house is lovely! Your roses are quite pretty too.

Bunny said...

I love your roses. They are so pretty. [Bunny]

creationsnz said...

Sadly, we would love to stay here, but it is 1.1 hectares and with Ian having Parkinsons it is getting too hard for us to look after. We need to be somewhere that will be able to look after him as the disease progresses. We will miss the space, the trees, the hens and the gardens, but we need to be sensible and do it while we still have some control. I guess I am trying to enjoy what we have in these last seasons here. xxCarolG

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh Carol - I hear you about leaving that fabulous property - sensible is not always easy, I know.
Fabulous photos, as ever. Love your 'brown' one
Stay safe

Kym said...

Your home is beautiful, and I'm so interested in the Katherine Mansfield house and gardens. They sound lovely.


Natasha said...

Your roses are lovely and you will make your next home a picture as well, even if it does look a bit different. I love your gardening angel.