12 February, 2021

I Spy #5 Photography challenge

I just discovered this challenge via Ellibelle's Crafty Wednesday challenge.  It's  FIVE photos following a recipe.  For those in the northern hemisphere, you have to remember it's summer here.

In answer to your question Lysha  - yes, I take photos all the time, whereever I am, always on the lookout for a subject.  

I Spy #5 is:   Collection, Yellow, Tiny, photographer's choice, photographer's choice.


Collection (of quilt blocks on my design wall - I am trying to decide how to arrange them for the quilt).

Yellow: the meadow we have ended up with because the lawnmower broke and is getting fixed.

Tiny:  my fishpot filled with tiny tadpoles.  The little ones are only the size of a middle digit fingernail head-to-tip-of-tail.  I like the strong diagonals in this one.

Photographers Choice 1: My fabulous Compassion roses

Photographers Choice 2: Rapanui Beach (west coast, Taranaki, NZ)


Oh this was fun!  

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crafty-stamper said...

Love all your photos and the meadow looks beautiful uncut
Carol x

kiwimeskreations said...

Wonderful photos Carol - those tadpoles are fascinating - it's a while since I have seen any :)
Stay safe

Janette said...

Love seeing your photos Carol, got to admit the meadow looks beautiful it really does and those tadpoles,I haven't seen for a few years, glad you have shared, oh and the quilt blocks are looking gorgeous.xx

Lysha said...

Thanks so much for joining in on our photo challenge, Carol! I am so fascinated with quilting. What gorgeous pieces! Your compassion roses are beautiful. Love the angle of the photo.

Suze said...

What a wonderful selection of photos. I must admit I like the "meadow" look while the lawnmower is broken. I'm not familiar with that beach but your photo makes it look so serene.