15 March, 2021

I SPY # 10

 I Spy #10

This week the prompts are: texture, fun, tall, shoes, own choice.

Texture:  this fell out of our tree recently.  It is beautifully made with a variety of materials: dried grass, a large leaf on the bottom of the outside, dog hair, sheep wool, lichen (the whitish curly bits), moss, feathers, some sort of stringy fibre etc. - what a clever bird to make such a beautiful nest.  I have it in a glass bowl on my coffee table.   The eggs have hatched, not been damaged.

Fun: Who doesn't like playing at the beach?  Here are two of our grandchildren on one of our road trips.

Tall: this is a palm tree, one of a row down the middle of the street in Raglan, a small town and our nearest beach (about an hour drive away).  Every two weeks on a Friday, a group of us get together to stitch, this week we went to Fiona's at Raglan and as soon as I saw the palms I knew it was my TALL!

Shoes:  This is a collection of Ian's shoes by the door - he is too tired to take them upstairs!!!

Own choice:  On Wednesday I took two of our granddaughters to the ballet for their birthdays; it was a surprise and we went out for a pizza dinner, so they didn't know until we got there.  This was taken while waiting for it to start.

What an exciting week it has been.


Dawn T said...

what a wonderful collection of photos.

Joanne said...

So funny; my texture was a bird's nest too and my tall was also a tree! Your photos are great.

crafty-stamper said...

You make a great choice of photos -my fave was the birds nest too-can you imagine making that with two hands never mind just a beak???
Carol x

Natasha said...

I love the bird's nest photo! And that is a GREAT "tall" picture. What a fun surprise for your granddaughters.

Ellibelle said...

Such great pictures Carol! Loving that birds nest and how amazing is that tall tree!! I'm jealous that you got to take your granddaughters to see a ballet. My daughter has continued taking dance/ballet lessons through this all but they haven't had a performance since the Nutcracker in December 2019. All venues in our area are still closed. I can't wait to watch her dance again on stage!!

Bri Runde said...

Great photos this week, Carol!! Love the look up at the palm tree! And how fun that you took your granddaughter's to the ballet. I bet they enjoyed it so much!

Suze said...

Great photos Carol. I am always amazed at the nests that birds build and what they scavenge to make them with.
The collection of shoes looks just like the collection of shoes that I saw at Christmas when I visited my son and daughter (struggled to find a space to put mine!)
Wow what a magnificent tree. I haven't been to Raglan for many years and can't remember those trees. Maybe it is time I went there again.
Hope your grand-daughters enjoyed their night out.