28 March, 2021

I Spy #12

 This week's prompts at Lysha's I SPY #12 challenge are: 

Spring?, folded, open, alone, own choice.

SPRING? No! We are coming into AUTUMN here in New Zealand, so here is the season with the leaves just starting to turn colour.

FOLDED:  I had loads of inspiration for this one, but decided on an origami crane I had made for Ian.

OPEN:  Again lots of inspiration but came upon this little scene in the kitchen yesterday.  I guess I should be thankful it didn't get left there with no chocolate inside...  apparently it got there on its own!

ALONE: Ian having a bit of quiet time with his cryptic crosswords.  At the moment it's lovely and mild without being too hot or too cool.  Midday today is 23/24 deg C. - perfect for me.

OWN CHOICE:  Taken at Mt Maunganui after sunset.  I was amazed at how defined the weather front was - clear blue sky on one side and heavy cloud on the other.  It made a nice shaded curve from the sky to the water too.

Shared on Lysha's I Spy photographic challenge - have a look at what others are doing too.


Suze said...

Some lovely photos again this week Carol.
You could have gone with a different meaning of spring (like the spring inside a pen or a hot spring!)
Hope that you managed to get some of that chocolate that was left
Have to agree about the temperatures - I prefer the spring and autumn temperatures when it is not too hot or cold.
Lovely photo of Mt Maunganui too.

creationsnz said...

Thanks Suze, I wanted to do autumn, because things are lovely right now and "Spring?" did have a question mark after it!!! CarolG

crafty-stamper said...

Beautiful pics again Autumn is my favourite Season,and love the little origami crane,we also have alot of things that happen on their own too lol-what did make me laugh was your lovely and mild temperature we never get that high even in mid Summer!
Carol x

Janette said...

I am same mind as Carol when she mentioned the temps you speak of, we are more than lucky if thats our summer temps, haha. Anyways, I love your pics, always interesting and fun to see how you interpret the list.xx

Joanne said...

I really love that last image and the cloud cover you captured.

Bri Runde said...

It's so crazy to think we are entering spring over here and you are going into fall. So neat that we can see that all through our little blog spaces. Love that origami bird you made!!

Bunny said...

Beautiful pictures. We are getting into out warm weather. Sometimes too warm so I could wish for some autumn. Our spring usually last for about 3 whole days. [Bunny]

Lysha said...

I honestly would much rather be going into Autumn than Spring if I'm being real about it. :-) Love your folded shot. Great idea for open! Thanks for sharing!

Natasha said...

Oh, I love your "own choice" and "alone" photos this week. And I remember when we went to New Zealand in April and it was fall. It felt so odd as we left winter behind to head into autumn for a few weeks.