Sunday, 11 July 2021

iSpy #27

 iSpy #27  

The prompts this past week are:   Loud, Cup, Floating, Open and your choice.

Loud:  This was a noisy fun Blastacarts with the grandkids. Noisy!

Cup:  Grace's hands cupped for a speckled egg.

Floating:  I liked the shadows and reflections of all the stuff that was floating in my birdbath.

Open:  Grace (our teenage granddaughter - our guest photographer) took this one of Jackson opening the chips packet.

Your choice:  Another Grace photographer pic; Jackson filling the birdfeeder.  This special effect was accidental, but still looks pretty cool!

It is school holidays here and Grace & Jackson are staying over.  Grace is having fun playing with my camera.

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crafty-stamper said...
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crafty-stamper said...

Brilliant pics this week love the take on cup and the happy accidental effect on the last Graces pic-brilliant-our schools still have a couple of weeks to go -although they both had last week off as Holly "coughed" in P.E and was sent straight home,had to have a covid test which was negative but still off for the week
Carol x

kiwimeskreations said...

Fascinating perspective on some of the prompts Carol, and fabulous photos, by both you and Grace :)
Stay safe

Janette said...

I love these posts Carol, as you may know :)
Fabulous interpretation of the prompts, you do so well with these, I would be pondering forever I think, all are so good and the last accidently one is super.
As Carol said none of our kids are on summer break yet, although two of my eldest are on isolation and so am I and my youngest son. This darned covid is a nightmare, after being so careful all these months its on my doorstep, just praying we all come through safe. Take care.xx

Joanne said...

Those carts look fun and I know from experience that they are noisy! Looks like you have been having such a fun week.

Kym said...

The Blastacarts photo made me smile! Looks like fun! I found something floating in my birdbath for this week's prompt as well. Enjoy the time with your guest photographer!

Suze said...

Great photos. The birdbath one would make a great background. I like the "accidental effect" that Grace achieved in the last photo.

Natasha said...

I love the pictures your granddaughter took and your interpretations of open and cup are excellent!

Allena said...

These were great interpretations of the prompts! Really liked cup and open a lot and the effect of the blurry picture is awesome.

Lysha said...

Love the shot of your grandkids for "Loud". So cool to feature your granddaughter's picture. Nice!