Sunday, 18 July 2021

iSpy #28

 iSpy #28  of Lyshas challenge

Prompts this week were Torn, Newsprint, Connected, Curved, Your choice.

Torn:  I am a self confessed fabricaholic.  Here is some of my stash with the torn edges showing.  I used to make all the kids and my clothes when I was young, but now I mostly make quilts and stuff like that.

Newsprint:  Here is a card I made using newsprint for the bollard and the greeting.  I swiped it with white acrylic paint randomly before stamping over.

Connected:  This is a succulent - all the beads connected to the next one in a long string.

Curved:  Her are the two remaining butternut squash from our summer crop.  Even the leaves are curvy.

Own Choice:  Our young pear tree had  a fair bit of fruit on this year, but guess what?  This is what greets us before they are even ripe.  I don't mind sharing a bit of the crop with the birds, but all of it????

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Janette said...

I wouldn't miss one of your ispy posts no matter what Carol. Love the fabric, I have the same problem and I have promised myself a good clear out once this 'nasty' has left the building:)
The succulent is so pretty, not seen one grow like that before and the butternut sqash is lovely, last but not least, the pears, naughty birds, but I always say mother nature provided for them first, but I do love a good pear tart, mine are nowhere near ready yet. Have a good

crafty-stamper said...

Great pics again love the torn fabric and something has certainly made a meal of that pear!
Carol x

Bunny said...

I used to love quilting. I wish I had learned to sew. The picture of the plant looks similar to a plant we call here in the US as string of pearl plant. Oh, those birds. Why not eat a whole one instead of pecking some and then moving on to another one. Great photos. [Bunny]

Joanne said...

That succulent plant is so neat! So sorry the birds ate your fruit.

kiwimeskreations said...

Once again I am impressed with your creative use of the prompts Carol. Have you tried netting your trees? My DIL has to net all her fruit trees as soon as they start to ripen.
Stay safe

Natasha said...

I love the succulent plant! And I'm sorry the birds are eating your fruit -- that is so frustrating :(