12 December, 2021

iSpy #49

 iSpy #49

Every week, Lysha puts up a photographic challenge with prompts for us to look out for, then we share on Lysha's Saturday (my Sunday).  It's always wonderful to see how people are inspired.

This week the prompts were:  Sparkles, starts with J, Lit, Used, Your choice.

Sparkles: it's the obvious one I know, but I love the sparkly bit of Christmas.

Starts with "J": Our grandson Jackson helping to unload stones for mulching the garden.  Because we rely on rainwater collection for our water supply, we have made water-minimal gardens which seems to work well.  The vege garden is in the background.  The big fence is to keep rabbits and pukeko out.

Lit: Another Christmas pic.  The Christmas arrangement on our dining table.

Used: a well-used flatiron (haha, but not by me!).  The only ironing I do is for sewing & quilting.

Own choice:  This is Mr Quail sitting on my rotary clothesline.  I took it this morning.  SO far he has been sitting there calling for over an hour!

Check out what others have been inspired to photograph this week, here:  ispy-49


crafty-stamper said...

You always find great pics for the prompts -love the old flat iron
Carol x

Janette said...

Best pics carol and so interesting, your grandson is such a good looking boy. Got to ask, what on earth is a pukeko!! no iodea at all but thanks for sharing.xx

Joanne said...

I just had to google Pukeko (we definitely don't have those here). I love your sparkly ornaments and that old iron is so interesting.

creationsnz said...

PUKEKO is a large native swamp hen with a big beak and big feet that can shred a vege garden to pieces in no time flat. In spite of google saying they are only in two places in New Zealand, they are very common and are seen everywhere! CarolG

Kym said...

Love the colors on your Christmas tree, and the dining table arrangement is so pretty!

Natasha said...

Great picture of the quail! And yes, some of these prompts are very seasonally inspired.

kiwimeskreations said...

Stunning work once again Carol - love the flat iron and quail photos. Your use of Jackson for the 'J' part of the challenge
Stay safe