Sunday, 4 July 2021

iSpy #26

 iSpy #26  - week beginning 4 July

Prompts this week are:  Rocky, Bird, Natural, Starts with M, your choice.

Rocky:  this is a lonely little plant growing in the stones where our firebowl is out by the deck.  I don't know what their real name is, but we called them johnny-jump-ups.

Bird:  I managed to capture this tui in flight just coming in to land right overhead.  Tui are nectar-sipping NZ native birds, small (blackbird or thrush sized), very shy, living mostly in the treetops.  They are also known as the parson bird because of the two curled white feathers at their throat.  At the moment we have sugar-feeders out for them as there is not much in bloom for them right now.  Look at those lovely 'finger feathers'.  Even trying to take a photo from the house, they spot any movement and fly away.

Natural: what better than a woven flax kete (basket)?

Starts with M:  My favourite Mug.  It used to be bright red; you can see where my lip balm has protected the glaze a bit!

My Choice:  This past week we had the biggest frosts (four in a row) yet in our polar blast and this morning it was down to 1 deg C. but is warmed up now (at 10.30am), enough to sit out on the deck with a cuppa (5 deg C). In the central plateau they are so happy, they had a big snow dump for the start of the ski season.  I know some of you get snow that looks so beautiful, but this is the prettiest we can hope for.  As you can see from this photo (taken this morning) my daffodils are already out - weird and way too early, they are not usually out until August.

Enjoy your week, and don't forget to check out the other photos in the challenge at: ispy-2021


Janette said...

What a wonderful set of pics again carol, you know how I love the I spy week, the little plant growing from the rocks is beautiful and shows how nature will survive I think, the bird sounds like a beautiful creature, would love to see a close up but you caught his wings beautifully.Love the woven basket and and your cup made me smile, how long have you had it for that to happen I wonder :} and last but not least that brilliant frosty morning, how I love those kind of days, so pretty but fancy your Daffs. being out, the world has gone crazy. Thanks carol I love these.xx

crafty-stamper said...

Great pics again and these weeks sure come round quick!Brilliant action pic of the bird and your little flower we know as viola or wild pansy
Carol x

kiwimeskreations said...

Love your perspective and interpretation of the prompts Carol - the tui photo is a stunner.
Stay safe

Lysha said...

What an amazing bird shot! Love the texture in your rocky picture. :-)

Joanne said...

We call those flowers Johnny jump-ups too! So weird to see them growing out of some rocks though. What a great bird capture.

Natasha said...

That is a great bird picture! And I totally know what Johnny Jump Ups are. I think they are also known as 'violas' and they are very similar to pansies.

Kym said...

Lovely and interesting photos! I like the johnny jump ups and I think they probably go by several names. Great capture of the bird!

Anita Ojeda said...

One of these days, I need to go birding in NZ! Johnny-jump-ups are one of my favorite flowers, too!