25 March, 2023

More making stuff

 Today (Saturday) we stopped off at Grace's (another grandchild, now 16) with her birthday presents and had morning tea.  Then we went to Spotlight where Rhiannon bought some chain and easter chicks with the plan to make a necklace.  I bought an Easter egg kit.  Then we went to a cafe for lunch.

When we got home R put her design together to make her necklace.  A parrot beak clasp and jump rings to attach the chickens.

Isn't that festive?  And she still has a length of chain to make something else.

Rhiannon looked up on google about conkers - how to make, how to play. After that she drilled holes in some of the chestnuts to make conkers.

So we've been out playing conkers for a while, until one went flying off somewhere and we decided that maybe they need to dry first.

After a BBQ dinner Rhi has been out skateboarding and printing leaves ready for tomorrow.

Well,  what will we get up to tomorrow?


kiwimeskreations said...

A fun necklace Carol, and a great idea to make conkers... love the blue piece in Rhiannon's hair :)

Janette said...

What a great fun time you have had, love the necklace. Used to love conker time, everyone trying there best to have the best one, soaking in vinny to make it tough, I was always scared of it hitting me, haha.xx

crafty-stamper said...

Love the cute chick necklace and blue hair.App soaking conkers in vinegar for no longer than 2 mins then drying out makes them harder
Carol x