25 June, 2023

VIVID Sydney #6

 The trip back to Darling harbour after a day in the Blue Mountains.  

We are in Parramatta where we have been dropped off by the bus after our day in the Blue Mountains.  As you can see it is just on sunset, with the ferry just coming into collect us.  What a fabulous day it's been.

Leaving Parramatta.  People commute into Sydney by ferry all along the way.

Here is a little mansion along the river.  Seems there are a lot of mansions along the river.  And lots of yachts in every bay along the river and at marinas in the river.  Lots of $$$

Here is Sydney coming into view, with the sun shining off the skyscrapers.

Some colourful buildings, which was lovely to see after everything being painted white or red brick.

Turning into Darling harbour (with my favourite building at the point).  Darling harbour is Barangaroo in aboringinal.

Coming into dock.  A lovely view up to Cockle Bay and the curvy W hotel.  I always like this time of night when the sky is purply pink.  Our hotel is on the right behind and between the two taller buildings behind the Mu-sea-um.

As we are docking, all the lights start to come on for the night display.
On the side of the boat you can see we are at Barangaroo.  Barangaroo was an aboriginal woman who was prominent in colonial times dealing with the invading settling/government forces.

And by the time we disembarked and walked up to the walking bridge - another wonderful sky!

More of the ship and Mu-sea-um roof as we walk across the bridge.  The roof had a flight of stingrays and the ship had sea turtles.

... and the Cockle Bay display:  Our hotel is to the right of the building with the pink roof, so has a great view overlooking this.

And another end to another lovely day.  An early start and an early-to-bed for us - I think we were in bed and asleep by 9.00pm.  Tomorrow is another day.


crafty-stamper said...

Beautiful pics and fabulous scenery
Carol x

Janette said...

You will be able to make a wonderful scrapbook from this trip Carol, its been amazing to see the photo's alone it must be staggering to be there IRL.
Thanks so much for sharing.xx

kiwimeskreations said...

What amazing memories you have of a wonderful trip Carol - you cartainly made the most of your time in Sydney