13 August, 2020

Cosy Toes

I have taken up knitting again, spurred on by having cold feet while watching tv.  They are snuggly soft and look great in the variegated wool.

I decided I will keep knitting them in kids sizes to give away, or larger sizes for rest homes; that should use up my bits and pieces of wool.

I got the free pattern off the internet by googling knitted slippers.


Suze said...

They look really great in the variegated wool. I suspect that they got a lot of use last night and this morning with the frost we had.

Janette said...

These are so lovely Carol and so pretty in that wool, I am sure people would welcome them as a gift.xx

kiwimeskreations said...

Those look so cosy Carol - knitting is so relaxing once you have mastered the pattern, and I can see you making many more of these....
Stay safe

Bunny said...

I love these. They are absolutely beautiful. I'm a size 9 1/2. Nothing ever fits me. I think our mother lets us walk around barefoot too much as a child. [Bunny]

crafty-stamper said...

These look great and love the variegated wool I always wear flip flop type sandals as long as I can and never suffer from cold feet no matter what the weather
Carol x