14 August, 2020

More masks

Today was another day on the sewing machine, this time making straight masks.  I have now run out of the non-woven vilene I have been putting in the middle, so that is it!

I think the washable masks are so much better for the planet than using disposable ones (and fun too).


Janette said...

Your so right about washable masks Carol, I think your doing a great job with all you have sewn. Can I ask did you buy the pattern for the others.xx

kiwimeskreations said...

Loving your stash of washables Carol, and you have some wonderful fabric there! Did you know you can use polyester or nylon fabric in the centre panel as well?
I finally got two made today... my pattern only has two pleats, but it works, so that's all good!
Stay safe

crafty-stamper said...

Washable masks are ideal as starting to see the disposable one littering the streets!!! Love the beautiful materials you have
Carol x

Bunny said...

I have also seen the disposable ones littering the streets. It makes me upset that people are so lazy they can't throw it in a nearby garbage.

So glad you've made so many to share. [Bunny]