30 October, 2022

Garden Tour: Garden two

 Garden two was quite different to the first garden but not very far away in the same valley.  It was small but the lady artist who owned it had made a terraced garden by and around the house, with a bog garden below.  

The bog garden below the house.

Here you can see the deciduous azalea just coming out on the right (apricot colour) and a lovely swathe of yellow iris  on the bank.  You can see how steep the land is.

A lovely mix of different leaf textures


Beehives of the far side of the creek

That's it.  A lovely spot, a garden still in the making - apparently it was a mess when they bought it.  Garden three next instalment.


crafty-stamper said...

Another absolutely beautiful garden visit-love all the iris flowers and redhot pokers-we actually have two new flower heads on our red hot pokers at this time of year and it has been the best it has ever flowered this year!
carol x

kiwimeskreations said...

What hard work to create a garden like that, and such a beautiful one too! Love all the contrasting textures and colours.

Janette said...

Beautiful Carol, I love to see gardens and the colours are wonderful.xx