03 October, 2022

iSpy #91

 Each week, Lysha puts up a photographic challenge with prompts for us to look out for, then we share on Lysha's Saturday (my Sunday). Have a look...

This weeks prompts are:  Seasonal, Outfit quarterly, starts with F, Listen, Same Vantage monthly.

Seasonal:  It's SPRING at last all the blossoms are out.  Along the avenue  these young cherry blossom trees look fabulous lit up (taken 5.00am).  As you can see on the road, the rain we've had over the past few days has knocked the blossoms around.

Outfit quarterly:  What I was wearing today (an at-home comfort day).

Starts with F:  has to be Fungi.  I spotted this by the path when I was out walking.

Listen:  to the baby grand in the clubhouse.

Same Vantage monthly:  the park at the end of our street; some new grass has just been sown.  You can see cherry blossom trees in the background, the oak trees have new leaves, while other trees are only just starting to green up.  I don't count the evergreens which are: the hedge in front is griselina, the trees along the fenceline are citrus and the 3 upright ones are Nikau Palms.

See what else happened with these prompts, here:  ispy-91


kiwimeskreations said...

What fabulous lighting of the cheery trees Carol, but what were you doing up at that hour? - again a stunning and innovative selection of photos for the prompts.

Janette said...

Love this, again so many lovely pics to see, I love it when the tree's blossom and the way the trees are lit is so pretty, do not blame you for being in your comfy stuff Carol, its what home is for. Thanks for sharing.xx

crafty-stamper said...

Love the lit up cherry blossom trees but 5.00Am! Great pics of the fungi
Carol x

Joanne said...

I love the cherry trees and that park is so pretty!

Kym said...

I love the cherry blossoms!! One of my favorite sights in spring. That gorgeous grand piano must sound wonderful!

Lysha said...

Beautiful cherry blossom shot. What is with baby grand pianos? They are always so gorgeous.