30 October, 2022

iSpy #95

 Each week, Lysha puts up a photographic challenge with prompts for us to look out for, then we share on Lysha's Saturday (my Sunday). 

Have a look...  remember it is SPRING here in NZ.

This week the prompts were: Earth, Near, Starts with X, Garden Object, Your choice.

Earth: bulbs must be so strong to poke up through compacted earth in the spring.

Near:  This week we were on a two-day garden tour, and as part of it we visited nature's garden at Aratiatia (pronouced Ar-a  tee-a  tee-a) for the water release.  At the top is a dam that they let the water through three times a day; here is a before and after.  This is as NEAR as I ever want to be when the surge happens!    In the empty photo you can see the black on the rocks which is where the water level will be.  Such amazing power from mother nature.

(Sorry, I don't know how to get images sidebyside, can anyone help with that?)

Starts with an X:  here it also ends with an X.  In one of the gardens we stopped to have lunch in (L'Arte).

Garden Object:  In one of the gardens came this rampaging wild pig made from copper.

Your choice:  has to be this fantastical garden where we had lunch.  The young lady in black is the owner of the garden and cafe; she said the seats are all moulded to her bottom!  This 'room' has chairs, tables, a window and even a fireplace.  Don't you love the sofa and lamp?

I am putting up a separate blog entry for the separate garden photos.

Check out what others have done with the prompts, here: ispy-95/


Janette said...

Wonderful post Carol, got to say that Dam is a real wonder isn't it and how lucky to be able to see it, sorry can't help with the side by side pics...The garden with the couch and table lamp are such fun, love it. I always love to see the bulbs come through, nature is amazing, and that little pig made from copper is a novelty. Great post thanks again for sharing these.xx

Lysha said...

Oh, Carol! I love all your photos this week. Really creative and beautiful.

Kym said...

Love all the interesting photos this week - especially that wonderful garden sofa! How fun!

Joanne said...

I love you X photo; that is such a difficult prompt. That water looks amazing gushing back in full force. What a fun garden visit.