25 October, 2022

iSpy #94

 Each week, Lysha puts up a photographic challenge with prompts for us to look out for, then we share on Lysha's Saturday (my Sunday). Have a look...

This week the prompts were:  Favourite, Workspace quarterly, Logo, Foliage, Your favourite.

Favourite: my favourite mug, a WIlliam Morris design given to me for my birthday.

Workspace quarterly:  in the midst of creating ... stencils, inks, papers, glue, scissors etc.  I am not tidy when I work - I have it all out, sampling things and then have a cleanup when it's over.

Logo:  I use this bag to tote my hand quilting project around in.  It's really sturdy and has a lovely bright design with the logo in the corner.  The bag was a giveaway from our local New World supermarket a few years ago.

Foliage:  Just bursting into leaf, such a lovely shade of lime green when its fresh.  I love blue and green together.

Your favourite:  You saw my pink-white-yellow tulips earlier, here are the luscious dark grape coloured ones.

Go over and have a look at the other's photos, here:  ispy-94


Kym said...

those tulips are gorgeous!! Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and the deep purple is so striking!

kiwimeskreations said...

Love that mug Carol! Your desk is tidier than mine - I have not been up to crafting of late and things have just got piled up... time to sort it!
I am still using my bag of that design also :). The trees look spectacular at this time of year and you have captured it brilliantly. I envy you your tulips - I will have to re-invest in them once I am settled.

Janette said...

Another wonderful i-spy post Carol, I hope you never stop doing these, I really enjoy seeing them pop up on my list, some great pics again, thanks for sharing.xx

crafty-stamper said...

Beautiful mug and your quilting bag,love the colour of the tulips-Johns favourite flower
Carol x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

More beautiful photos Carol.
Faith x

Lysha said...

Love the deep purple tulips. Just gorgeous!