26 March, 2023

Sunday's stuff

 A late start today, but after breakfast and a look at yesterday's comments on the conkers (thanks Janette and Carol), we vinegared them and what a difference to the hardness.  Hanging out to dry:

Ian & Rhi having a go:

The leaf prints Rhiannon made yesterday are dry and looking good.  Made with a roller and acrylic paint onto white card.

Rhiannon used the kit I got yesterday to make a giant easteregg, and there was chocolate over to make some buttons covered with hundreds and thousands.

After lunch we walked down the road (well I walked whie Rhi skateboarded) to the church on the corner to wander the cemetery.  There are some interesting stones there and this wonderful angel in marble.

Rhi has been having lots of opportunity to skateboard around on the smooth roadways and cycle/walkways.

It was a bit gloomy and looked like rain so we walked down the the clubhouse theatre and watched Billy Connolly's "What we did on our holiday".  One of my all-time fave films, and we had the theatre to ourselves.

When we got back we played dominoes, lots of games, with me losing.  Then put together make-your-own-burgers for dinner.  After icecream, we watched the latest Jumanji film, now it's time for bed.


Janette said...

I can hardly believe your off to bed, we are just getting started on our Sunday here, I will never get used to it hahaha...What an amzing day you had Carol, so much packed in, glad the conkers turned out well, the easter egg is fabulous, Rhi seems to be good on her skateboard, mine used to love there, long since shoved in the loft sadly, happy days, thanks for sharing.xx

crafty-stamper said...

Sounds like a brilliant weekend-glad out tips worked but tell hubby his technique is wrong you hold the conker up in your hand and sweep it downwards onto your opponents conker lol-Easter egg looks brilliant and the leaf prints are amazing!-Billy Connolly is brilliant
Carol x

kiwimeskrations said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend that Rhi will remember with fondness - a busy few days for you all :) The leaf prints look amazing

Dawn T said...

What a wonderful time you have had with Rhi. So good to have this time with her. Such a great creative time. Her leaf prints are stunning.

Bunny said...

When I think of Conkers I think of the series Larkrise to Candleford. Loved that series. There was an episode ro two that had 2 of the men vying for the title of Conkers champ and it forbade them to put them in vinegar. [Bunny]